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Pre School

Great Denham Pre-School is a school run Pre-School.  This means that the Headteacher and Governors of the school are responsible for running it, however, the day to day running will be the responsibility of the Pre-School Manager, Mrs Lee.  The Pre-School is open for children aged three and above until they start in Reception and there will be an adult to child ratio of 1-8 as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.  Learning will be planned and delivered by experienced staff in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage and there will be close links and liaison with the Reception staff to ensure there is a smooth transition for those children who move onto Great Denham Primary School.

Government funding means that all three and four-year-olds not in school are entitled to 15 hours funding from the term after their third birthday.  Extra sessions will be available for parents to book.  Parents can apply through the government website for Extended funding of upto an additional 15 hours.  If you are not eligible for the additional Extended funding  there will be a charge of £12.00 per session.  

The morning session runs from 8.45am - 11.45am and the afternoon from 12.15pm - 3.15pm.

Lunch club is an extra cost of £2.25 from 11.45am – 12.15pm and there will be an option of booking a hot school lunch at £2.20.

Children in our Pre-School are able to attend both the After School Club and the Breakfast Club.

Pre-School have their own uniform which consists of a pale blue polo shirt and a maroon jumper available from our uniform suppliers.

The Pre-School is also able to spport the 30 hours funding agreement.  To check if your child is eligible please click on the follosing link

Our Pre School is currently full for the school year 2019 - 2020.  From September 2020 our Pre-School will become a Nursery class taking children from the September after they turn 3 years old. Our Nursery class will be run by a full-time teacher and assistants. 

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