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Great Denham Primary

Inspiring excellence; everyone, everyday

Curriculum Intent


What are we trying to achieve at Great Denham Primary? 

Our curriculum at Great Denham has been carefully designed over nearly 10 years to fit with our school vision of 'Inspiring excellence; everyone, everyday!' It is also closely aligned with our school values and our life skills. At Great Denham, we teach the majority of our curriculum through R.E.A.L projects of which there are 3 projects a year. One of these projects has a Science focus, another a History and the final one a Geography. Our projects allow our children to develop a deep understanding and knowledge as well as supporting them in the development of key skills and knowledge in each curriculum area.  We also try to have different outcomes over the school year, one having an arts outcome, another a local impact and the final one a global impact. 

Coupled with our project-based approach to the curriculum is the discrete teaching of Maths, handwriting, phonics and languages ( Spanish in Years 3 - 6). 


Click here to see our powerpoint presentation of our Curriculum Intent 2021