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Curriculum maps


On this page, you can find the curriculum maps for each year group. Curriculum maps show the key skills that the children will be learning from either the National Curriculum or from the Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS). These are sent out to parents at the end of the first week of a new project. Each year group's project has an essential question as a title for their project (except early years). This is an open-ended question that you will not be able to google the answer to!

Click on the year group below to see their current curriculum map.

Spring Term Projects 2021

Reception - Into the woods

Year 1 - Will the frozen worlds always be frozen?

Year 2 -  How high can we fly?

Year 3 - Stone age: Savages or Scientists?

Year 4 - Will endurance take you the distance?

Year 5 - Will endurance take you the distance?

Year 6 - Ancient Greeks: Glorious or gullible?


Autumn Term Projects 2020

Nursery - Knock, Knock! What do you know about me? 

Reception - Where will my wellies take me?

Year 1 - What makes a superhero?

Year 2 - What makes a superhero?  

Year 3 - Does chocolate always leave a good taste in your mouth?

Year 4 - Does chocolate always leave a good taste in your mouth?  

Year 5 - Where does the past belong in the present? 

Year 6 - Were they really hard time?