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On this page there are additional resources, weblinks and ideas you can use to support your child at home if they are at home due to having tested positive for COVID. These resources in addition to any homework set that week by the class teacher should support the child for up to 3 days as per the guidance for isolation ( updated in April 2022). Please only complete these activities if your child is well enough and any work completed should be upload to SeeSaw for your teacher to give feedback on.


Take Home Tasks

Click on the link here to view the take home task for Nursery for Summer term 2022 linked to the project 'Down on the Farm.'


Follow the link:-

 Lesson 1 – Sorting a collection of objects based in one attribute.

Lesson 5 – Sorting shapes based on name or colour.

Lesson 7 – Matching pairs of related objects.



 Lesson 1 –

Hold up an orange, ask your child to say what it is? Explain it starts with a o sound. Practise saying the o sound. Can your child think of anything else starting with an o sound?

Model writing the sound o with your magic finger. Use shaving foam, play dough or modelling clay, make the letter shape o. Show a few o items, orange, oval, octopus, olives, getting your child to say what they are. Drop the items at the end in a pile on the carpet with other items starting with n, m. Can your child put the items in the correct sound pile?


Lesson 2 –

Hold up a picture of a cat, ask your child to say what it is? Explain it starts with a c sound. Practise saying the c sound. Can your child think of anything else starting with a c sound? Practise making the letter shape with magic fingers in the air.

Have a stuffed toy cat. Explain that this is Cathy the cat and he only eats things that start with the sound c but he won’t anything unless you say ‘Cathy, Cathy, did you eat something yummy? What ‘c’ things can we find for your tummy?’ Have a selection of items that begin with any sound but more with sound c (candle, cake, candy cane, camel, car, cap, coffee).


Lesson 3 -

Hold up a picture of a dog, ask your child to say what it is? Explain it starts with the d sound. Can your child think of anything else starting with a d sound?

Get your child to use their magic finger to write d in the air/backs/hands. Model writing on the whiteboard. Get your child to look around the house for objects that begin with the letter sound d.



Lesson 1 –

Can you find out how bread is made? Where does flour come from? Research and display your findings in your own way.


Lesson 2 –

Can you make a tractor using junk modelling?


Lesson 3 –

Can you find out what farm animal your family members like the best? Can you put this into a bar graph to show your results?


Nursery Rhyme of the Week


Old MacDonald had a farm –

Old MacDonald had a farm


And on that farm he had a cow



With a “moo-moo” here

And a “moo-moo” there

Here a “moo”, there a “moo”

Everywhere a “moo-moo”

Old MacDonald had a farm



(Repeat with different farm animals)




Follow the links to get active:-

 Joe Wicks Teddy Bear Workout

 Cosmic Yoga – On the Farm

 Joe Wicks – the Spiderman workout




Read a book every day.

Practise writing your name.



Why not look at the website below where you can access reading books online for you to read with your child? 

Oxford Owl Books for 3 - 4 year olds. 


Understanding the world 

  • Blowing bubbles  
  • Make bread or pizzas for the family to share  
  • Read information books on frogs and chicks  
  • Hunt for bugs in the garden 
  • Use Nature Detectives for lots of exciting activities to do at home: naturedetectives/  
  • Planting seeds such as cress – and watching them grow  
  • Look at science experiments for Early Years‐years‐ science‐activities‐eyfs/  
  • Observe the weather each day and make a weather chart  
  • Make a family tree – who is in your family  
  • Freeze small toys in ice – and work out how to get them out of the ice  
  • Make a rainbow of skittles sweets around the edge of a small plate – add warm water and watch a rainbow appear.  
  • Look for different sorts of ICT in your home eg, microwave, remote control, phone etc
  • Feed the birds in the garden and keep a tally of which birds visit your garden
  • Make seed bombs by mixing seeds with clay to make a small ball. Dry them out and wrap to give as presents. Make a label to attach. 

Expressive Art and Design  

  • Dancing to music – use scarves  
  • Sing familiar nursery rhymes - Mr Tumble has some he can help you with:
  • Make shakers with pasta or rice in pots  
  • Make your own paint with shaving foam or coloured ice  
  • Make props for your favourite story and act it out together

Personal, Social and Emotional Development  

Chop the vegetables for dinner together  

Give your children the responsibility to help with household chores.  

Look at Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube and join in together  

Sharing a family meal and talk about your day. 


Physical Development  

Threading pasta on to wool or string  

Water play in the bath – scooping, pouring and measuring  

Design a treasure hunt around the house  

Junk modelling  

Make playdough 

Musical movement games – like musical statues  

Lego and block play. 

Make a sensory tray with shaving foam, soap, jelly etc  

Painting with water in the garden  

Building dens and tunnels with blankets and under the kitchen table  

Watch episodes of ‘Come Outside’ on YouTube 


Communication and Language  

Storytelling with homemade puppets – use old socks, lolly stick and straws  

Singing nursery rhymes and action songs, such as Simon Says  

Make music with saucepans and pots  

Play guessing games – such as think of an animal and model giving clues to help your child guess the animal  

Play board games Learn to sign the Makaton Sign of the Week



Pairing socks  

Playing Snakes and Ladders 

Bigger and Smaller games – using Goldilocks  

Add numbers to pegs and the help your child to order them  

Measuring ingredients to cook/ help make dinner  

Sing number songs, such as 5 currant buns or try CBeebies

Sorting toys by colour or shape  

Sorting coins  

Build train tracks in different shapes 

Build towers from blocks – how many blocks did you use? Can you use the same blocks to build a different tower?  

Make a bowling game with toilet rolls 



Share storybooks and talk about what is happening on each page  

Play lotto games – matching pictures  

Sing Jolly Phonics songs 


Hide an object in a ‘mystery bag’ and give clues to what might be inside  

Tap out syllables to break up your name on musical instruments

Phonics play (use the sounds write link)