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Year 6


On this page, there are additional resources, weblinks and ideas you can if you are at home self-isolating or awaiting a test. If you find out that your child needs to be off school for 14 days a work pack will be delivered to your home. 

You can also use your planner ( home school book) to explore the following:

P96 - recommended reading books

P101 - Keywords - practice spelling your year 5/6 words - perhaps revise the year 3/4 ones too?

P147 - Roman numerals - can you read and write them?

P148 - Can you tell the time?

P150 - 2d shapes

P151 - 3d shapes

P153 - Map of the United Kingdom - do you know all our counties?

P154 - World map - which countries can you pick out?

P155 - Country flags and capitals - how many can you remember?

P158 - Random acts of kindness

P160-162 - The body

P163 - Spanish words - can you count to 20 and re-call the days of the week?


Links for Summer Term project - Can you dig yourself out of trouble?

Crime and punishment:

Reading aloud ‘Holes’:




The link below will take you to the recommended reads for Year 6. Some of these books you may have at home or can be purchased on Amazon or Kindle. 


Recommended reads for Year 6. 


Work on your weekly Mathletics tasks and once you have done these play some of the games.

Practice your time's tables using TTRockStars. 

BBC Bitesize Home Learning

The BBC are producing lessons for parents to use with their children linked to the national curriculum. These lessons are excellent and really easy to follow.  Click on the link below to take you to the home learning page. 


BBC Bitesize Year 6

National Oak Academy

Use the link below to the National Oak Academy and select Key Stage 2 to find lessons for your child.