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Great Denham Primary

Inspiring excellence; everyone, everyday

Our  Vision and Values


Inspiring excellence; everyone, everyday!


Great Denham is an inclusive school where we inspire and empower our children to learn! 

Our aims: 

  • To provide a stimulating, vibrant and exciting learning environment for all our children so that they feel happy and confident and are challenged to achieve excellence in everything they do.
  • To treat all our children as individuals and develop their individual personalities and interests as well as developing a respect and understanding of others.
  • To provide an inspirational and relevant curriculum where children develop 5 key life skills across all curriculum areas underpinned by a core set of values.
  • To provide a relevant curriculum that is irresistible, unforgettable, based on practical, real-life experiences.
  • To provide a truly inclusive curriculum where difference is celebrated and children are supported and nurtured.
  • To provide an environment where no child is left behind and all children can achieve their full potential both academically, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • To let our children be children.


Our 6 school values underpin all of our work we do at Great Denham Primary School.  They have been carefully chosen from the Olympic 2012 values. They are as follows:


Our values are central to our behaviour policy.  Children are rewarded with a star when they show one of our school values. For further information please visit the policies page to read our behaviour policy.

In September 2017, on our staff inset day at Wickstead Park, we followed the REAL Projects process from stunning start to fabulous finish, a project slice  of the process the children follow. 

Our final product was a music video with the theme of friendship.

Staff worked in teams to cover each part of producing the music video.  We were given 3 hours to write the lyrics, choreograph the dance moves, produce the artwork, find a location and finally to film it in one take! 

                                                                                           Click here to see what we produced!



On one of our family days the children took part in a range of activities to explore in more detail what EQUALITY means and what it means for us at Great Denham Primary School. 

Our School Values