Greenkeepers Rd, Great Denham, MK40 4GG


Great Denham Primary

Inspiring excellence; everyone, everyday


On 6th and 7th December 2017 Great Denham Primary had an OFSTED inspection. We are delighted with the outcome. Great Denham is a good school with Early Years provision and Personal development, behaviour and welfare being graded as outstanding. Below you can see some of the comments the inspectors made:

• The senior leadership team has developed a strong ethos that is respected by pupils and adults alike. The school’s mission statement of ‘Inspire excellence; everyone, everyday!’ is at the heart of everything that the school does.

• The headteacher and deputy headteachers have an accurate view of the school’s performance. Consequently, they have identified appropriate priorities for further improvement.

• The curriculum is broad and balanced, and the projects undertaken by the pupils are highly engaging and develop their basic skills effectively.

• Children in the early years make outstanding progress as a result of strong leadership and teaching. Children develop positive attitudes to learning that prepare them well for Year 1.

• Staff ensure that pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities access the full range of subjects. All pupils play and learn happily alongside one another.

• Pupils take immense pride in their school and enjoy their learning. They are polite, friendly and respectful. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary.

• The arrangements for safeguarding pupils are effective. Staff and governors are continually mindful of pupils’ welfare.

• Pupils’ handwriting and the presentation of their work are consistently good, particularly in their project work.

• Teaching assistants ensure that the pupils they work with learn well and make good progress.

• The school’s work to support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is highly effective. Pupils learn about different religions and cultures. This prepares them well for life in modern Britain.

• Sometimes pupils, particularly the most able, are not given hard enough work and therefore their progress is not as rapid as it could be.

• Good teaching ensures that pupils are making strong progress in writing and mathematics. However, pupils’ achievement in reading is not as strong at key stage 2 as it is at key stage 1.

• Disadvantaged pupils are making good progress. However, there is still a difference between the progress that they make compared with that of non-disadvantaged pupils nationally


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