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Well - Being Champions

We have recently launched GDPS Mental Health and well being Champions across our school. Watch their video to find out a little more about their work.


Welcome to our Mental Health and Well-Being Champions!


 We are your wellbeing champions

 And are here to help YOU!!

If you are feeling sad, worried or low,


Now there is a place for you to go!


If you need some help or calm time, let us know,


We can help you feel better and help your smile glow!


At playtimes drop in and say hi,


We’ll do our best to make you happy before you say bye!


Don’t feel pressured to say a word,


Just know you can visit and be heard.


 There’s lots of us – we’re all around,


Now we can be more easily found.


No need to worry on your own and feel blue


Come and see us and  know we’re here for you!


By the Great Denham Wellbeing Champions 2022