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The Arts


The Arts at Great Denham includes the following curriculum areas; Art, Music and Drama. The Arts team is led by Miss Butler and includes Mrs Harwood Bowles, Mr Hay and Miss Day. Art and drama are embedded in all project work. 

Music is taught using a scheme of work called 'Charanga' from April 2020. Music lessons are largely taught by the class teacher ( in the younger years). In Year 3 our children take part in an external project called 'Sing Up' where they have 10 weeks of tuition by a specialist music teacher from the Bedford Music Hub culminating in a performance at the Corn Exchange, Bedford. In Year 4 our children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument as part of the music service Wider Opportunities project. In 2019  Year 4 children learnt the keyboard. In Year 5 and 6 our children have the opportunity to take part in Young Voices at the 02, a choir of around 10,000 children. Year 6 children are currently learning to play the recorder as part of their music lessons. There are also opportunities for children in Year 2 upwards to learn a musical instrument either individually or in small groups. Currently children learn guitar, piano and violin. These lessons are paid for by parents. 

The Arts team are always looking for opportunities for our children to take part in enrichment opportunties in the arts. Currently our drama club of over 50 children are preparing a performance of High School Musical to be performed later in 2020. As well as this children in KS2 have regular opportunities to enter art competitions with the local Rotary Club as well as more recently with Bedford Modern School. Some of the beautiful art work produced by our children can be seen in our school art gallery! 

The links below will take you to the skills grids for each area of the curriculum outlining the objectives and skills that will be taught in each year group.

Click here to see the Art skills grids.

Click here to see the Music skills grids.