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Great Denham Primary

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Learning environments


As part of our curriculum vision we believe in creating 'enabling conditions' for our children that allow them to thrive. Classrooms are designed in a way that allow children to work in spaces where they feel comfortable. Each classroom will have flexible seating, 'cave space' ( ie a space where children can go that is quieter), spaces where they can learn in groups / pairs as well as work individually or with their teacher. Classrooms are themed according to the project to allow the children to be completely immersed in the theme. Teachers use space, sound and where possible smell to create an environment that is exciting and stimulating for their class. There will be 3 different learning environments a year. The children love coming in on their first day back to see what awaits them! 

Independence is at the heart of everything we do at Great Denham and each area of the school has break out space outside of the classroom in which children can work freely and independently.