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Heads of Family and Prefects


Our Heads of Family are elected in May each year by the members of their family. Children coming to the end of Year 5 are invited to write a presentation to give to their family outlining why they believe they would make a good head boy or girl. We have an afternoon where the family listen to the presentations and then a vote takes place just like in the elections! The outgoing head boys and girls carry out the count of the votes and then the winners are announced. Runners up in each family are awarded the title of Prefect. The first job for the newly elected head boys and girls is to give a presentation at the new Reception parents evening. Other duties for the heads of families include showing visitors and parents around, representing the school at functions as well as awarding the values certificates each week in celebration assembly. Prefects are responsible for counting and announcing the family points each week. 


Head boys, girls and prefects 2023 - 2024